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a shared and secret purpose.

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Officially mid-to-late twenties. Straight-edge with a good heart but often extreme levels of snark. A bright pink(and-sometimes-blue-and-purple)-haired young lady. Takes fandom semi-seriously, is casually obsessed.

Lives in the jeans/t-shirt/hoodie combo, especially band merch and threadless, but still looks pretty cute in a dress. Loves extra-buttery microwave popcorn & Annie's White Cheddar macaroni. Hates 97% of vegetables. Greatest weakness in life: Patrick Stump. Next greatest weakenesses are the cheap & used DVD bins. Watches a sick amount of TV, downloading any missed shows piratey-torrent style. Quick to get emotionally invested in fictional characters. Cries at particularly touching commercials (when they can't be TiVo'd) or when she laughs too hard. Misses reading books, a lot.

Attended the University of King's College, class of '06, finished with a BA in English and Film Studies. The only other thing she ever really wants to do is travel, hence getting a Tourism Management diploma after her degree. Wishes TARDISes were a) real and b) affordable, but neither are true, so her most recent tattoo is a certain huge blue police box on her back. Worries often about the combination of visible tattoos, brightly-coloured hair... and keeping her proper grown-up job that pays the bills. She's presently in a semi-respectable position of Interpretation and Visitor Experience Coordinator at a Canadian fancy-pants national museum.

She has almost no sense of smell, but a great sense of humour. She really likes talking about herself in the third person on the internet, but very rarely in person. Is awkward and faily often but thankfully not always. Frequently overstays her welcome because she can't make an exit. She wears nerdy black emo glasses, but actually needs them to see.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying."
- Woody Allen

Maintainer and/or moderator:
- cabfic - 3 Alexes/anyone (Bryan, Ian & Cash still welcome!)
- bandslash_betas - Bandom Beta Resources.
- underyourhat - my fic archive.

Elsewhere on the interwebs:
- AO3! Last.fm! Tumblr! Twitter!

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